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Woodlawn Music Tech Lab Nominated for Offering Best Music Lessons

The Birmingham Magazine and Alabama Baby & Child Parents Picks Awards recently announced that the Woodlawn Music Tech Lab is among its 2015 nominees in the category of Best Music Lessons in Birmingham. The Woodlawn Music Tech Lab is presented by Audiostate 55 Recording Studios in association with the Woodlawn Foundation.

The Woodlawn Music Tech Lab is for middle through high school age students and is designed to build awareness of the technology used in music production and recording engineering. Students are exposed to the latest music and video production tools, such as Garage Band, Pro Tools, Reason, Media Composer and iMovie. They learn how to compose and record their own songs and gain real-world experience in the state-of-the-art recording studios and music tech labs at Audiostate 55.

Voting has opened for the awards and ends Sunday, January 25. There are several ways you can cast your vote:

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Facebook: VOTE for (Woodlawn Music Tech Lab) as best (Best Music Lessons) the @Birminghammagazine and @Alabama Baby and Child and Parents’ Picks Awards

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