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Recording & Live Projects 

Audiostate 55 Entertainment is distributed internationally by the Warner Music Group.

Denita Gibbs

In the pantheon of all the new voices being introduced in music, Denita Gibbs stands out as truly unique. Her Audiostate 55 Entertainment release, Without You, debuted at No 14 on Billboard, and Denita has garnered recognition and other awards since this initial release. Her style is clever, with a modern inspirational flavor that traverses neo-soul, pop, gospel, and jazz.  

Huston Kendrick

Audiostate 55 Entertainment is pleased to announce the newest addition to its roster, Houston Kendrick. Houston is going to bring a fresh and positive sound to the music industry with a remarkable vocal style that is causing people to stop in their tracks and ask, “Who is this?” And when you hear his new single, “Mine,” you too are going to be amazed by this new R&B and Pop sensation.

Curtiss Glenn

Curtiss Glenn and Free 2 Worship are among the best vocal ensembles to come along in a while. And just when you thought you had heard this before, their phrasing, song interpretation, and nuances quickly let you know you've heard nothing quite like this before. Curtiss is presently in the studio working on their debut recording for Audiostate 55 Entertainment. 

J. A. & Tha Prez

J.A. & Tha Prez have been exciting audiences with their brand of positive pop and fell-good party music. Their presentation is amazingly creative and fresh and provide a wonderful alternative for those seeking youthful, positive, and wholesome pop music. Their single, “Just Dance,” is an infectious, beat-driven party number that is sure to get you moving.

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